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Shake it off!

Find calm

Reconnect with your body’s natural mechanism for combatting tension and trauma.
Reset your nervous system by switching off the fight/ flight/freeze response to past events
Relax: the shaking response releases deeply held tension creating a deep calm and relaxation in the body.
Restore: Deep relaxation of body  can activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System enabling better, rest, digestion and immune system function, restoring the body to  better health and wellbeing.

TRE comprises seven simple exercises, designed to engage our natural built in tremouring mechanism, shaking off tension and trauma held in the body, calming the nervous system and restoring balance.

Whether a significant event, work stress, relationship issues or day to day life we all experience tension and trauma in our lives. As mammals we have a built in instinctive mechanism that is switched on when we experience these moments, commonly known as ‘fight/flight/freeze.’


However as we have evolved our thinking brain and social conditioning have prevented us from using the recovery part of the process – Shaking it Off!  You may have found yourself shaking at various tense times and tried or been told to calm down, or suppressed the shakes so as not to appear frightened. These shakes or vibrations are our bodies way of releasing the hormones and charge sent to the muscles when in fight or flight, if not released the muscles and fascia (a very sensitive and receptive connective tissue) remain contracted and tense, and as a result we find ourselves stuck in Fight or Flight, experiencing various symptoms including insomnia, feeling caffeinated, tension headaches, muscular tension,  anxiety, panic attacks, feeling constantly on edge, worried or concerned, angry and frustrated.

Those stuck in Freeze may find themselves experiencing depression, lethargy, withdrawing from society, PTSD,  or  inability to connect or feel the body.

A part of the brain called the amygdala can trigger our protective fight / flight/ freeze mechanism when it senses physical or emotional threat or an associated sensation from previous trauma. The charge sent to the muscles creates a physical contraction to a psychological threat.  By triggering our natural tremouring response, we can discharge the tension held in the muscles, resetting the nervous system and enable ourselves to recover quicker and become more resilient to life situations.


Mammals in the wild demonstrate this every day: a gazelle chased by a lion and escaping (being dinner!), once safe will shimmer and shake, then return to grazing as if nothing has happened, We too are mammals equipped with the same built in reset response, the lion may be different but we can shake it off too!

TRE becomes a self-help tool, once learnt and when you know how to self regulate, you can use TRE at home, 2-3 times a week or more,  shaking for up to 10/15 minutes to reset, reconnect, restore and relax.                   

Reported Benefits include:

Less Worry & Anxiety

Reduces Symptoms of PTSD

More Energy & Endurance

Improved Relationships

Less Workplace Stress

Better Sleep

Less Relationship Conflict

Reduced Muscle & Back Pain

Increased Flexibility

Greater Emotional Resiliency

Decreases Symptoms of Trauma

Healing of Old Injuries

Lessened Anxiety surrounding Serious Illness

Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions

Created by Dr David Berceli, who is an expert in the field of trauma intervention and conflict resolution, TRE has been used across the world with large communities, groups and individuals, to help release the trauma after significant events.

Visit for more information, videos and testimonials from others who have experienced the technique.                                                                                         


Group Sessions or Private 1:1 - What's best for you?

Group Sessions:

Group sessions (max. 8 people) are a wonderful way to experience TRE, shaking together gives a sense of community, grounding and is often fun.


Private 1:1 TRE sessions:

One to one sessions are initially recommended for those suffering from extreme anxiety, depression / PTSD or other conditions related to personal trauma. Sessions are taken at a slower pace tailored to you.

We cannot forget but we can allow the body to let go of the nervous system response and reset, slowly easing the tension created in the body. TRE is not counselling, it simply allows your body to talk, to release, for you to regain some control and reconnect with yourself.

Disclaimer: It is imperative that persons with any clinical diagnoses or psychiatric conditions, or persons taking medications for any diagnosis or conditions, consult their medical professional or a Certified TRE Provider prior to attending a session or attempting TRE at home to ensure they learn TRE self-regulation appropriately and correctly.


TRE is not a replacement for psychotherapy, counselling or other therapies used to overcome trauma, however it works very well to complement these, allowing the body to do the talking.

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