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Find some time for you.

We all have to start somewhere, whether it's to improve mobility, flexibility (being flexible is not a pre-requisite for yoga but a result of practice), to tone or de-stress, finding some time for yourself is the first gift of yoga. 

Yoga is a wonderful supporting practice for other health and fitness activities, sports like surfing, running, cycling, tennis, football, golf and many more. 


Yoga promotes spinal mobility and encourages healthy posture. It's very beneficial in counteracting the effects of modern technology on the body.

Connecting with yourself. The more you practise the easier it can become to relax the body and mind enabling a meditative state- the primary purpose of yoga. Step by step it becomes easier to focus inward, to let go, relax, unwind, de-stress and begin to feel the benefits of yoga beyond the physical.

Inspired by the variety of traditions I have studied & experienced I use asana (postures) interwoven with pranayama (breath-work) to connect to the body, this combination creates challenge & encourages the movement of energy in the body whilst simultaneously strengthening and developing more flexibility, the mind focused within by the breath.  The science of yoga takes us from the physical to the subtle, thus from asana we move to pranayama ( focused breath-work ) / kriyas (specific actions / techniques) into meditation, with the aim of connecting to your inner light and joy.

A typical class usually starts with a few moments to settle, ground, move inward and let go of the day, working with pranayama (breathing techniques) to focus the mind and prepare the body, moving through simple warm ups, to standing posture & sometimes sun salutations ( focus dependent) to floor postures suited to the intention of the class.


The session continues with a relaxing sivasana allowing time to connect inwards, rest the physical body and become aware of energy, leading into a focused pranayama and culminating in meditation.   

Mantra both vocal and internal is often used to cultivate a relationship with inner vibration and as a focus for meditation.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Swami Sivananda

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